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This month is 'Smět' and the season is 'Jaro'


Lesson as normal
Lesson at Charitas in town.
Online lesson as normal
The lesson today will start at 17.30
Lesson as normal
Lesson cancelled
Lesson as normal
Lesson as normal
Lesson as normal
Monday lesson as normal.
This week's lesson has been moved to Tuesday because of the bank holiday. The lesson will start at 17.30.
Lesson as normal.
Lesson as normal (17.00 - 18.30) but using Google Meeting Room: Click to join
The lesson will be earlier this week. 16.30 - 18.00. Please join us at 16.30 if you can, if not, join at 17.00.
Lesson as normal
Lesson as normal
Lesson as normal
Lesson as normal
Lesson moved to Thursday this week.
Skype lesson as normal
Skype lesson as normal.
Skype lesson as normal.
Skype lesson as normal.
We will have a lesson as normal at 17:00 on Skype. Looked at time, days, months, seasons and 4 verbs, dělat (to do), rozumět (to understand), pracovat (to work) and číst (to read).
A practical discussion in Czech and English.

Video to watch before the lesson - examples of how to use possessive pronouns when describing a family. (Watch)

Homework: Prepare a photo of your family (or a fictional family) to describe who the people are in relation to you, where they are in the photo and describe a few details about them, for example, are they tall, short, young, old, happy, sad etc.

Relatives vocabulary link


On Monday we will continue with the Family photo and will have a new material. From the textbook Do you want to speak Czech? Pages 40-45

P41 P42 P43 P44

We will continue with lesson 2 in New Czech Step by Step (book 2 on this website), pages 28-30. Please have a look at page 30. There are new words that we will use during our lesson.

We will be learning about our families using possessive pronouns such as: můj, tvůj, jeho, její.

Link to family vocabulary
Gender Practice 1
Gender Practice 2
Book 2, Lesson 2, pages 26 to 30. Download the book below if you cannot find it - New Czech Step by Step (Text Book)
Lana's Presentation
Note: Our books are now on the downloads page (requires user name and password).